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My People of Five Cays and Chalk Sound, here is what I’ve been able to deliver because of you and for you:

Built a Community Centre
Opened a Pre-School
Opened a Computer Centre
Opened a Police Station
Built new classrooms at Enid Capron Primary School
New roads and sidewalks
New roads for Chalk Sound
New street lights for Chalk Sound
Business Opportunities
Regularised squatters and offered them freehold for their land
Made sure that the people of Five Cays and Chalk Sound received land
Clean up Five Cays




- Increased scholarships from $3 million in 2002/3 to $15.5 million in 2006/2007
- Developed Education Policy
- Developed New Five Year Education Plan
- Developed the Turks and Caicos Island’s first Scholarship Policy
- Constructed new classrooms in Five Cays at Enid Capron Primary School and Clement Howell High School
- Instituted Spanish at the primary schools
- Provided Physical Education and Music teachers at the primary school level
- Introduced Primary Teacher Education course at the Turks and Caicos Community College (TCICC)
- Expanded course offerings at the TCICC
- Provided security services for the two larger high schools
- Introduced a School Warden at the primary school level
- Introduced Literacy Summer Camp- piloted in Grand Turk in 2006
- Introduced GSAT Broadcasting Programme to assist students with GSAT preparation
- Introduced Computerised Reading Programme at the primary school level
- Provided playground equipment for primary schools
- New classrooms and Science block for H.J. Robinson High School
- Installed turf and repaired fencing at H.J. Robinson High School
- Installed electronic security system at the Clement Howell High School
- Implemented scholarship unit within the Ministry of Education
- Provided Education Officer for private schools
- Increased subvention to TCICC from $760,700 in 2002/3 to $2.8 million in 2006/7
- Instituted a database system for scholarships
- Instituted New Beginnings Institute (Gender)
- Developed National Scholarship Programme
- Provided educational opportunities (access to education) for students who were previously denied access to private school
- Introduced a local teachers incentive policy
- Gave teachers two pay raises

- Appointed youth officers in more populated islands
- Instituted Youth Cadet Programme – Grand Turk and Providenciales
- Re-instituted Duke of Eddingburg Award Scheme
- Instituted Youth Entrepreneur Scheme
- Developed the Turks and Caicos Island’s first Youth Policy
- Opened Youth Office in Provo, North Caicos, Middle Caicos, and South Caicos
- Increased budget from $106, 340 in 2002/3 to $316, 646
- Appointed Youth Director


Increased subvention from $149, 683 in 2002/3 to $818,000 in 2006/2007
Developed a National Stadium to host the CARIFTA  Games
Provided more opportunities for athletes to compete at home and abroad
Constructed a new outdoor ballpark as well as a state of the art indoor sporting facility- The Gustavus LightbourneSports Complex
Provided state of the art sports equipment


- Opened new library in Provo
- Implemented computerized Library Card System
- Increased subvention from $84, 063 in 2002/3 to $306, 285 in 2006/7
- Relocated library in Grand Turk while Victoria Building is under renovations
- Provided support for the Salt Cay Library

Establish a Human Rights Commission and hired a Chairman
Open a Human Rights Office


Created a separate department for Culture (made statutory body)
Opened Cultural Office in grand Turk and Providenciales
Developed National Costume
Developed Resource Book for teachers
Culture subvention $400, 795 in 2006/7
Introduced Culture in our schools


Continued Education for high school drop-outs
Develop New Beginnings Skill Training Centre in Five Cays and in Grand Turk
Offering Cosmetology, Electrical, Computer, Craft and a Literacy Programme for core subjects such as Mathematics and English combined with counseling sessions
Promoted equality and empowerment for women in the home and business
Motivated women through the Sister Sister Retreat
Establish the 100 Black Men organisation in Grant Turk and Providenciales


PACE (Poverty Alleviation Citizens Empowerment)
Develop a PACE manual
Begin the process of eradicating pit latrines
Raise all the benefits
Juvenile Centre under renovation
Renovate Special Needs Centre
Develop strategic plans for the Special Needs Programmes
Develop and ready to be taken to the House of Assemble a package of Family laws (Sexual Molestation of Children Bill, Adoption Bill, Marriage Bill)

Draft Bill to create a statutory body
Introduced a strategic plan document
Provide 10 acres of land for Drug Rehab Centre
Allocated $200,000 for the construction of the Centre