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For years I delayed my desire to write an inspirational Column in the Sun. I kept thinking how busy I was and how the time was just not right. Years ago it was because I was in politics and articles may have been perceived as political. Now that I am being prosecuted, it may be said that I should postpone because I am awaiting trial. You see those excuses are the primary ways that defeat creeps into our lives and we miss our purpose. We think we are waiting for the right time and that right time may never come. I also believe that God uses busy people, because Faith is an action word.

Well I have decided to start my Column this week and I am calling it “Stepping Stones” and I pray that you will read it, enjoy and be blessed by it. Can you imagine trying to get pass a large stone that is blocking the highway? While some may turn back and give up because they believe that they just can’t pass, take another look with me. There are so many ways to pass. You can walk around that stone, you can climb over that stone or you can get busy and chip away at that stone and use the broken pieces in the road design or in many other creative ways. You see that stone had a purpose also just like you do. I believe that your purpose was to get on the other side. Without life’s inevitable
challenges to our survival, our freedom, our happiness, we might never discover our resourcefulness. We might never search within ourselves for wisdom, strength or truth. We might never seek God. You see Readers the object of the journey is not in the arrival at a particular destination, but rather in the encounters along the way.

I keep thinking, if my life was everything I wished it to be, what would my purpose be? What would I be doing here on earth right now? What would encourage me to extend myself, to be inventive and grow into the fullness of my being and become a productive citizen? It is not
difficult for me to look at what is happening here in our country without looking at the opportunities that are available, but unfortunately missed because we are so confused about the changes that are taking place.

It is important for us to release ourselves from this sad environment and give it solely to the Lord and get on with our lives and use this time as a stepping stone. It is said- if life gives you lemons, make the best tasting lemonade. Don’t be afraid to take chances; be a risk taker or there will be little development or activity in your life. As long as we are alive and we are productive we are in the process of becoming what God has purposed us to be.

We are the hands of God, migrant workers sent to Earth with all the talents and strengths needed to do God’s work here for a season. We must explore a world of possibilities for personal growth and for making the world a better place. With so much hardship and broken dreams in our Turks and Caicos Islands, now is the time for us to lend a helping hand to the weak among us or start that business that would bring a brighter future to the lives of your children or provide a job for the many that are waiting to be hired. There are no limitations on dreams. They can be as big as you choose, and we must keep on dreaming as a people. There are no ambitions or goals too high to achieve. We have the vision so let us find the strength to create the life we want. We are God’s living enterprise.

Take time out to reflect on your life, I have done so. You will see that every challenge along the way offers you another piece of life’s puzzle. I know that every occurrence in life has its purpose. As you grow in wisdom and faith, you learn to trust life more and discover one of its greatest truths that God never closes one door without opening another. Let us allow God to lead us to the newly opened doors.