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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I would like to give my own mother, Mrs. Hilda Robinson, a very special greeting!

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, and as I promised in last week’s edition, this week’s Stepping Stone will focus on mothers. I would like to take this opportunity to honor all mothers of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and let them know that we appreciate all of their hard work! They play so many roles in our lives, that it is hard to list all the different ways they love their sons and daughters.

It is hard to put into words the characteristics of a true ‘Mother’, and as I sat in my office contemplating the best way to do so, and seeking some inspiration, I came across a wonderful little poem, Mothers are Heaven's Scent. Itpoetically compares the qualities of a mother's love to the various types of flowers.
Here is a short excerpt:

Mothers are like flowers,
Each is beautifully unique in her way
designed by God to bloom where she is planted
The Lord created mothers to be Heaven Scent
A reflection of His beauty, spreading His fragrance throughout the world.

“[She is] to God, the fragrance of Christ”- II Corinthians 2v15

The poem goes on to compare mothers to the many wonderful plants God has created; the Dogwood is the mother who is willing to sacrifice herself for her children, the Water Lilly is the mother able to rest in God’s Holy Spirit, the Bird of Paradise is the mother who has faith in God to ‘give her wings’ when she has no strength of her own, and it continues. Many times our mothers are a beautiful bouquet, with a combination of all these qualities. I would encourage you to read the poem or watch the beautiful video and share it with friends. 

Mothers are very special ladies and I know that we would like to spend every day visiting with them but at times find it so difficult. Our lives are so busy or distance prevents us. That is why, whenever we get the opportunity, we must embrace our mothers and bask in their love.  This is why a few weeks ago, my family and relatives celebrated my Mummy’s birthday with what essentially amounted to a wonderful family reunion. The gathering included all her children, including in-laws, adopted children, grand children and great grand children along with her brothers and neighbors and friends, who assembled at her home, where we spent the evening cooking, roasting corn and eating and truly enjoying our mother.

I felt heaven on earth that evening, and accepted that mothers are really heaven’s scent. My daughter Sakera, who celebrates her first Mother’s Day this year, arranged that Mummy’s daughters would do the cooking, while the sons do the barbeque and corn roasting. To just share Mummy’s kitchen with my sisters was a blessing within itself. Normally a family gathering is catered or one member does all of the cooking. This time was special. This coming together and cooking in a single place was something we didn’t do anymore.

The Stepping Stone of this story is that we must use every available occasion to celebrate our mothers and to pay tribute to them using the familiar things that keep any and all family together. 
You see, when you invest your love and time and attention with your loved ones it pays back the greatest dividends. Mummy had worked hard all her life, oftentimes she had two jobs to make ends meet. Her life revolved and continues to revolve around her family. She took perfect care of her children and grand children and now helps with her great-grand daughter Lola a few times a week, and soon Lani will join them. You see, I know that my grandchildren will be in the best hands ever and that Mummy will nourish and teach them so many things that school or modern parents don’t teach anymore. To still have mummy with us, healthy and of sound mind, is truly amazing and I continually give God thanks and Praise.

My friend Amanda Misick, once said after losing her mother, that she felt so alone, with no one to pray for her, to intercede for her and no one between her and God.  I thought to myself, “wow, it is true, mothers cannot be replaced or forgotten”. So my friends, those of you who are blessed to still have mothers please remember that.

I just wanted to share this poem with you because it best describes what mothers endure:

From Courage Does Not Always Roar
by Bobi Seredich

When life gets you down and the problems you face are certainly more than your share...When you run out of strength and you want to give up because it's just too much to bear. I want to remind you, my precious friend, that you have what it takes inside. extraordinary courage that may not ROAR but it doesn't cower and hide. It's the quiet voice inside you that says, "Tomorrow I'll try again." It's the courage to keep on going... to see things through to the end. You are not defined by this moment in time, You are not what has happened to you. It's the way that you choose to respond that matters and what you decide to do. Courage is not the absence of fear, but a powerful choice we make. It’s the choice to move forward with PURPOSE and joy, regardless of what it takes.

It's the courage that's found in ordinary women who are HEROES in their own way... exhibiting strength and fortitude in life's challenges every day...Valiant women of exceptional courage with enduring power to cope... taking each problem one day at a time and never giving up HOPE.
These brave-hearted women have great resilience and they lift each other as well...bonded by a common understanding each with a story to tell.