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As we approach the Easter season, I started thinking about the many seasons we encounter during life. Like so many others, this simple word has a wide range of meanings. There are seasons of the year, seasons characterized by weather (the rainy season), seasons characterized by holidays (Christmas or Easter seasons) and so on. But the common denominator in the definitions of all these seasons is the use of the words “a period” or “a time”.

Like I said, we have many seasons in life and I hope to use this column to explore them all. But this week, I will focus on the season we as a country are experiencing today.

By the time this newspaper hits the stands, many, many of the Turks and Caicos Islands most intelligent and hardworking citizens will join the ranks of the unemployed.

For many, after more than 20 years, this day, (Friday March 30th) marks the end of a season of public service to us, the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I want to express my deep gratitude to the civil servants, to congratulate them on their service and wish them the very best going forward.

I had an opportunity to speak to a few of them over the past weeks and some of the things we spoke about have not left my mind. Remember our definition of seasons and the watchword ‘period’. Some see this period as a problem, while others are excited. With no plans, one group sees this as the beginning of harder times to come, while others see an open road before them, filled with potential. They see the many things they can and will do.

Here are the stories of two different women I met. Both in the same season of life: losing a job they thought with hard work and perseverance would be held until retirement.

The first woman sat in my office, and we began to speak. No sooner than the conversation began than she started to indulge in self-pity. She believed that her problem was unique and appeared to be depressed and worried she may not be able to find suitable employment, and may even have to relocate to another island with her children.

As I shared with this lady, I will share with you. This “woe is me” attitude will never do. Everyone needs a dream. Many good people with a lot of potential are going nowhere because they have no dreams.

Remember the watchword in any season is ‘a period. Many experiences and life events do not last forever. That is why we must be prepared to use all our experiences, good or bad to create stepping stones to create the future we want for ourselves.

I believe that every person has hidden potential. In fact, I am convinced that some elderly people become depressed and die much earlier than necessary because they stop looking into the future with hope and expectation.

Neither you, nor I nor anyone else will ever be all that God intends for us to be until we focus in on what we can become after one or another of our seasons has ended. 

Here is the story of another lady. This woman, on the eve of her forced retirement was excited. She saw potential after this season ended, and looked on with enthusiasm at the season ahead. She spoke about starting new service clubs to provide information to the public about health and wellness. Her mind was filled with business ideas. She was excited about the changes she will make.

I was so pleased with her attitude and I want to remind my readers that there are so many important non-profit jobs to do that are both fulfilling and would enhance our communities.

This is your new season to become just what you want to become. I am hoping that you will become an investor; you will get involved in politics at this critical time when our country really needs you. Just keep on giving of yourself. You are important to our survival.

And for those who will need immediate employment. Start looking for a job. Use your experiences and be willing to apply them in unique ways. Apply for the jobs and you will find one.

I believe that one of the first steps to solving problems is to have confidence, the desire and the will-power to overcome. I told my down and distraught comrade that I have confidence in her and I expect that she will overcome the barriers.

In that meeting I shared some of my own life stories that I believe were relevant, and the atmosphere was changed. I thought to myself, if we can just spend some time with our people, low morale can be lifted, possibilities are highlighted, excitement is realized, thinking becomes positive, ideas are created, goals are set.

Our seasons good or bad, do not last forever. We must be waiting to make the good better, and be willing use the bad as stepping stones.

You see unlike the excited lady with the plan, the lady without a plan was sad and weary. Dreams have the power to keep you alive and excited about life and the future. So please, let us keep dreaming and become a group of productive people; busy making good, unselfish contributions to our families and country.

 It’s a new season. Happy Easter to all of you.